Legislation In South Dakota Seeks To NULLIFY BIDEN ☭ Executive Orders


Legislation In South Dakota Seeks To NULLIFY BIDEN ☭ Executive Orders

It will come down to slave states versus free states.

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Legislation In South Dakota Seeks To Nullify Biden Executive Orders

By Amanda Prestigiacomo • Daily Wire • Feb 8, 2021:

Legislation introduced in the South Dakota House of Representatives seeks to give the state’s attorney general the authority to review executive orders from President Joe Biden and potentially nullify any order deemed unconstitutional.

State Rep. Aaron Aylward (R-Harrisburg) introduced HB 1194, which is described as an act “to authorize the review of certain executive orders issued by the President of the United States.”

The process to potentially nullify an executive order, which by nature bypasses congressional approval, “begins with a review by the Executive Council of the Legislative Research Board, followed by a referral from the Council to the attorney general and the governor,” South Dakota news station KELO-TV reported last week. “Once the referral has been made, the attorney general may examine the order to determine whether the state can seek an exemption or declare it unconstitutional.”

The bill specifies that Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg could exempt South Dakota from any law or order “that restricts a person’s rights or that is determined … to be unconstitutional” if the law or order relates to the following:

  1. A pandemic or other public health emergency
  2. The regulation of natural resources
  3. The regulation of the agricultural industry
  4. The regulation of land use
  5. The regulation of the financial sector through the imposition of environmental, social, or governance standards, or
  6. The regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms

Aylward told KELO-TV that the proposed legislation is not specific to Biden.

“This isn’t just a President Biden issue but rather an overall executive overreach issue that we’ve been experiencing for a long time,” Aylward said. “The U.S. Congress has abdicated their duty for a long time in different areas. This bill is simply setting up a process to nullify acts that would be unconstitutional. When looking at the U.S. Constitution, the President only has the powers that are laid out in Article II.” Geller Report read more

Maryland sheriff: Americans should be ‘outraged’ over Biden’s immigration actions, ‘dismantling’ ICE

Maryland sheriff: Americans should be ‘outraged’ over Biden’s immigration actions, ‘dismantling’ ICE gellerreport.com/2021/02/maryla
Maryland sheriff: Americans should be ‘outraged’ over Biden’s immigration actions, ‘dismantling’…
“Americans will not be safe” and “immigrant communities will not be safe.”


Maryland sheriff: Americans should be ‘outraged’ over Biden’s immigration actions, ‘dismantling’ ICE

Objectively speaking, these actions are an act of war against every patriotic American.

Americans should be ‘outraged’ over Biden’s immigration actions, ‘dismantling’ ICE: Maryland sheriff

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins argues Biden basically telling agents to ‘stand down’

By Talia Kaplan | Fox News February 8, 2021:

A Maryland sheriff warned of President Joe Biden’s immigration actions on Monday, arguing that “Americans will not be safe” and “immigrant communities will not be safe.”

“These types of laws lead to more victims of crime, more violent crime [and] gangs infiltrating this country,” Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said.

Jenkins also said Americans should be “outraged” at Biden for his immigration actions, arguing that the president has “dismantled ICE” by “basically telling the agents to stand down.”

Jenkins made the comments reacting to an interview by an unnamed official who told The Washington Post on Sunday that the Biden administration “abolished ICE without abolishing ICE.”

“The pendulum swing is so extreme,” the official continued. “It literally feels like we’ve gone from the ability to fully enforce our immigration laws to now being told to enforce nothing.”

U.S. immigration authorities will revise their approach to arrests and deportations under President Biden, according to Homeland Security officials.

“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently rescinded two 2018 policy memos related to the issuance of Notices to Appear when processing requests for immigration benefits,” USCIS spokesman Matthew Bourke said Sunday. “The agency was directed to rescind the relevant policy in a [Department of Homeland Security] memo issued Jan. 20.”

That’s the day Biden was inaugurated – and when he signed a slew of executive orders, some of which rolled back parts of former President Trump’s immigration policy. He strengthened protections for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and halted work on the border wall. Geller Report read more

How The Biden Administration’s Immigration Policies Will Impact America. (Video)

How The Biden Administration’s Immigration Policies Will Impact America.

Feb 4, 2021

The Glazov Gang

As Iran races towards nuclear break-out, we need to be concerned about the potential that the Mullahs could call their sleeper agents into action if any measures are taken to stop their nuclear aspirations. We also need to focus on how the Biden amnesty — for what he claims are 11 million illegal aliens — would likely enable more than 100 million immigrants to be lawfully admitted into the United States. This would crash our economy and critical infrastructure, causing irrevocable damage. —————————————————————– Please support The Glazov Gang because we are a fan-generated show and need your help to keep going. Make a contribution or set up a monthly pledge. Thank you!
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Senator Tom Cotton: Joe Biden is closing Ameirca and opening the border! (Video)

Senator Tom Cotton: Joe Biden is closing Ameirca and opening the border!

Will Impeachment Make Trump Stronger?

The Lone Cactus

Actually, the theory is being floated that impeaching Donald Trump will have the reverse effect on what Democrats are hoping happens. With Trump already out of office, Democrats only reason for impeaching Trump, other than to say he was the only two-time impeached president in US history, is to convict him on the charge of “incitement to insurrection”, is to ban him from ever holding elective office again. That’s the only thing that can happen if he is convicted.

Alas, Democrats have failed to learn their lesson when it comes to impeachment.

First of all, as was the case with the phony charges of “abuse of power” regarding that telephone call with Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, it proved to be a non-starter. Trump was roundly found innocent of the charge in the trial. It takes 2/3 majority to convict on impeachment. The Democrats could only muster 48 votes, far short…

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Shrug …


I’ve been very clear about my intense liking for men. They’re aces with me. I got no fish to fry.

Until … somethings are so breath-taking one wonders how the poor souls make it to adulthood. I have to wonder – how many times in a man’s life has he done something and his wife just looks at him. Blank face. Complete disbelief has taken control of her. Y’all are geniuses at being stupid. I’m sorry! Sometimes you really are.

Case in point. We have two cars. His truck and my Ion. The heater in the truck isn’t working. My car is dead at the curb. I said, ‘It’s so cold now! Take the truck to Dan’s and have it fixed.’ He looks at me, puts his hands on his hips, and says, “First things first! That damn Ion is dead and I have to get the shop to pick…

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In One Image, Everything You Need to Know about Government Intervention

International Liberty

While I freely self-identify as a libertarian, I don’t think of myself as a philosophical ideologue.

Instead, I’m someone who likes digging into data to determine the impact of government policy. And because I’ve repeatedly noticed that more government almost always leads to worse outcomes, I’ve become a practical ideologue.

In other words, when looking at at an issue, I now have a default assumption that government is going to be the problem, not the solution.

I think more people will share my viewpoint if they peruse this chart from Mark Perry.

It shows changes in prices for selected goods and services over the past 21 years, and the inescapable conclusion (as I noted when writing about the 2014 version of his chart) is that we get higher relative prices in sectors where there’s the most government intervention.

Especially healthcare and higher education.

By contrast, we see…

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Trump Policies On Bathrooms To Be Rescinded By Biden


Obama Administration issues guidance on transgender bathroom use in schools

May 15, 2016. TRT World.

Follow the timeline of events.

1. See article below.


The Obama administration is suing the state of North Carolina over its so-called bathroom bill, saying it breaks federal anti-discrimination laws.

The law requires transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to their sex at birth instead of the gender with which they identify.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday called the North Carolina law “state-sponsored discrimination” that reminds her of a time when blacks were barred from public facilities and states could dictate who was allowed to marry.

The federal government has named the state, its Republican Governor Pat McCrory, the Department of Public Safety, and the University of North Carolina — which receives millions in federal funds — in the lawsuit.

2. See article below.


The Trump administration, early in its…

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And to think Hunter Biden and his dad are involved in this crap …

Cry and Howl

I can’t wrap my head around how corrupt people, especially politicians are. I’m not sure if they’ve always been corrupt (probably), but I’m sure at times in world history there had to be some who weren’t. It was probably much more difficult to be thoroughly corrupt when communications weren’t so readily available and the media wasn’t equally as corrupt in a supporting role. After all many of the media “stars” are married to, related to or worked on some political campaign or for a politician. Also a lot of “former” intelligence officers are immediately employed by major media outlets as ‘analysists’ for whatever the stories the media thinks needs to be analyzed, or more accurately, spun. I suppose my point is, corruption becomes very easy to come by when one is supported by an equally corrupt media.

While I’m on the subject of corruption, here’s some …

Isaac Kappy: Exposing…

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Citizen Tom

The miles Christianus allegory (mid 13th century), showing a knight armed with virtues and facing the vices in mortal combat. The parts of his armour are identified with Christian virtues, thus correlating essential military equipment with the religious values of chivalry: The helmet is spes futuri gaudii (hope of future bliss), the shield (here the shield of the Trinity) is fides (faith), the armour is caritas (charity), the lance is perseverantia (perseverance), the sword is verbum Dei (the word of God), the banner is regni celestis desiderium (desire for the kingdom of heaven), the horse is bona voluntas (good will), the saddle is Christiana religio (Christian religion), the saddlecloth is humilitas (humility), the reins are discretio (discretion), the spurs are disciplina (discipline), the stirrups are propositum boni operis (proposition of good work), and the horse’s four hooves are delectatio, consensus, bonum opus, consuetudo (delight, consent, good work, and exercise). (from

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