The Nastiness Of H.R. 1

The Lone Cactus

You may not have seen or heard about this one yet…but you probably will. Now, I’ll say, I’m all for fair and balanced elections, but HR 1 that has been introduced in the House of Representatives isn’t it. It basically is set up to insure that pretty much anyone living or dead, legal or illegal in terms of their citizenship is allowed to a) register to vote without showing proper documentation and b) never, ever be taken off the voter rolls.

They’ve tried in the past to get this bill through, but it died in the Senate which at the time was controlled by Republicans. Basically in a nutshell, what this bill will do is enable anyone to register to register to vote online, and just in case that’s not easy enough for you, you will be automatically registered to vote when you turn of legal voting age. That means…

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