These Are the Three American Cities the Biden Admin Is Planning to Start Releasing Migrant In

These Are the Three American Cities the Biden Admin Is Planning to Start Releasing Migrant In
These Are the Three American Cities the Biden Admin Is Planning to Start Releasing Migrant In
The Department of Homeland Security will begin phase one of the Biden administration’s new approach to immigration and asylum seekers on Friday by releasing thousands of migrants in three American

These Are the Three American Cities the Biden Admin Is Planning to Start Releasing Migrant In

Posted: Feb 15, 2021 11:30 AM
These Are the Three American Cities the Biden Admin Is Planning to Start Releasing Migrant In

Source: AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File

The new plan, in stark contrast to the Trump administration’s “Remain In Mexico” policy, will have DHS start releasing illegal aliens in San Diego, California; El Paso, Texas; and Brownsville, Texas, according to Breitbart and the Associated Press. Around 25,000 migrants will be let into the country through the first phase.

DHS plans to process and release about 300 migrants a day in both San Diego and El Paso, with plans to release about 100 migrants a day in Brownsville.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Friday, when the new plan was announced, they hope to have an online system to have illegal aliens apply for asylum virtually so they do not need to present themselves at the ports of entry on the southwest border.

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Suddenly opinions get us cancelled?

Cry and Howl

Ever since James Comey was fired as Director of the FBI we’ve been fed this line of crap that it was only the “higher-ups” in the department were corrupt. Your everyday FBI agent (“special” agent) are just hard working, patriots who wouldn’t even think about covering up the crimes of politicians, judges, or even people within the Department of the FBI. I mean, Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hillary Clinton’s emails, Bill Clinton’s involvement with Jeffery Epstein (not to mention Chief Justice John Roberts, Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and on and on …) all got ‘investigated’ and the criminal prosecutions began! I’m kinda wondering what happened to the regular everyday hard-working patriotic, FBI Special Agent when false statements were made to the FISA court in the attempted coup against President Donald Trump? The “Special Agent” who could ‘smell’ the Trump supporters at Walmart was a true patriot and cheating…

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Citizen Tom

One of the best parts of the Second Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump was in Michael van der Veen’s the closing argument.

Since I want to make it easy for my readers to find and share the best part with others, I copied the transcript of that best part from C-SPAN and cleaned it up a bit (Impeachment Trial, Day 5 ( C-SPAN apparently uses language recognition software, and that software makes mistakes. That software also does not break up the transcript into paragraphs.

Note I copied the transcript this morning. I did not have any luck finding it latter. Hopefully, the C-SPAN is not trying to cancel something so obvious.

Michael van der Veen’s closing argument begins at about 4 hours and 50 minutes in the video, Impeachment Trial, Day 5 ( The part of the transcript I cut out starts at about eleven minutes…

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Lyndsay Graham stated on Fox News Sunday, today, that now, if the republicans take back the house, Harris may face impeachment based on the standard set for actually bailing out rioters in the country.

Pandora’s box…indeed. Graham states that now Harris may face impeachment based on the standard set for actually bailing out rioters in the country.

I say don’t wait until Dominion voter fraud strikes again. Instead strike while the iron is hot and the deeds are in our face! We have everything that is needed to go full blown investigation right now! Get to the bottom of who funds, controls, and hires the crisis actors be it ANTIFA or what ever group they want to call it.

After the impeachment and all the perjured evidence presented by Pelosi’s House Managers, isn’t it time to have an investigation into the facts that happened on January 6, 2021? Especially…

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As we celebrate the fizzling out of the impeachment, it leads one to wonder what the Dems will try next. Therefore, being proactive seems to be the best move forward and holding a few people accountable for perjury, if for no other reason than that, seems to be a good course of action. So as I was looking into how to be proactive, things started looking smokey. Like the type of stuff in smoke and mirrors. So, as I always do when I feel that way, I stopped and thought. I thought a lot.

In so doing, I saw that I had been looking at the pieces we were all directed to look at. They were key pieces. But, the picture had a lot of holes that my memory was pushing to the front to think about.

Image result for pelosi in capitol on the 23rd

Here is where my thoughts were dashing. Knowing that Pelosi and McConnell are…

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Rowan’s Way: 11 Undercover


Lynne’s arrival put an end to our embrace. Our conversation did little to settle anything. Because Irina was not an “illegal” she had a right to stay in the country as long as she was working here, which raised the question of her job. Her account was, of course, “anecdotal evidence” and without corroboration could only add to a picture of what Ryan might be up to, but there was nothing there for the Trust or for the police to take forward. It left us in the air. Lynne said they would be happy to find a “safe house” for Irina, but that would raise the issue of her status. It would not help in terms of finding out what Ryan was up to. Just as we were rather stymied, I made a suggestion.

“Lynne, what if Irina and I were to arrange with Ryan that she could continue to…

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Donald Trump Hints at Political Future While Celebrating Second Impeachment Acquittal

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 14th, 2021

Former President Donald Trump celebrated his second impeachment acquittal after his Senate trial concluded on Saturday.

Leave it to another flaming leftist to take President Trump’s quote the president’s words [Out of Context] while making little sense in the process.

Meanwhile, the band plays on!

US President Donald Trump watches the Palm Beach Central High School marching band which greeted him as he arrived to watch the Super Bowl at Trump International Golf Club Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, Florida on February 5, 2017. / AFP / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL …
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Breitbart News Consortium

Charlie Spiering

February 14th, 2021

The former president asserted that Congressional Democrats pursued the ongoing “witch hunt” because nearly 75 million Americans voted for his re-election.[Source]

“This has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country,” Trump wrote. “No president has ever gone through anything like it.”

The Senate vote failed 57-43, ending the trial to impeach the former president.

The vote failed to meet the two-thirds majority threshold needed to impeach Trump, but seven Republicans joined Democrats in finding the former…

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Truths the media failed to tell us about Senator Diane Feinstein

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 14th, 2021

Anyone who follow the political shenanigans which go on in Washington on a daily basis knows that Diane Feinstein, though taking an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution and all Americans, has made it her mission in live to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

Her brain is addled, proved by the way she needs a guide to taker her down the hallways of the U.S. Senate Building.

So happy was Dianne that she crapped her pants while listening to President Trumps second impeachment trial.

On this day they failed to work.

Feinstein stunk up the entire Senate chamber.

Members of her own party have begged her to step down of her own accord to keep whatever legacy she might have in tact.

But wait there’s more, don’t even think about missing the videos below.

Since her election to the Senate in 1992, Senator…

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Finally, the “very fine people” false accusation against Trump exposed

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 14th, 2021

In reality the screaming being was first brought to our attention when populist candidate Donald Trump steam rolled Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, President Trump is kicking back watching America heading for the crapper with a grin on his face.

Obviously, neither have gotten over it.

Sharyl Attkisson

February 14, 2021

One of the most pervasive false narratives about President Trump is that he referred to white supremacists as “very fine people” after the Charlottesville, Virginia protests.

In fact, as demonstrated at the most recent Senate impeachment trial of Trump, his comments played in full show that Trump explicitly condemned Neo-Nazis, white nationalists and white supremacists.

He also referred them as “rough, bad people.”

In response to a press question, Trump reiterates it again. (Notice that the press questions resemble those of a hostile mob.)

Nonetheless, many political figures, analysts and those in news media…

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