Clinton’s Hit With Tax Evasion Charges

The Lone Cactus

In a move that I can only call stunning, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “Clinton Foundation” has been hit with tax evasion charges. But wait, as Ron Popeil would say…there’s more!

According to “Just The News”, federal tax court judge, David Gustafson actually denied a request from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to DISMISS charges against the Clinton’s for tax evasion. Yeah, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The organization famous for going after you and pulling your teeth out of your head if you don’t pay every penny owed, actually went to this tax judge and said they wanted to dismiss the charge of tax evasion. Thank God the judge had the sense to say NO!

So why in the world would the IRS want to dismiss charges that could give them some $2.5 BILLION in additional taxes? Well, according to the dismissal notice, the IRS said that two whistleblowers had…

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Biden Demands Congress Pass Gun Ban: “No Time To Wait”


President Joe Biden used the third anniversary of the murders at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School on Sunday to call on Congress to enact his anti-gun agenda, including his gun ban on the most commonly-sold center-fire rifles in America and the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Gun control activists had grown increasingly restless over the Biden administration lack of action on gun control, but senior officials including Susan Rice had met with the heads of major gun control groups during aconference call last week.

In Sunday’s message, Biden said there was“no time to wait,”and urged Congress to impose his ban on modern sporting rifles and ammunition magazines that can hold more than ten rounds, along with a “universal background check” law and repealing the law that prevents junk lawsuits from being filed against the firearms industry.


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Government Schools: More Bureaucracy, Lower Performance, and Higher Costs

International Liberty

Whenever I’m asked to give an example of a powerful and persuasive visual, I always have an easy answer.

The late Andrew Coulson created a very compelling chart showing that huge increases in money and staff for government schools have not led to improvements in educational outcomes.

All rational people who look at that image surely will understand that we’re doing something wrong.

And if they review the academic evidence on government spending and educational results, they’ll definitely know we’re doing something wrong.

The international data, by the way, tells the same story. Which is especially disheartening since Americans taxpayers spend much more on education than their counterparts in other developed nations.

Let’s further investigate this issue.

I came across a 2017 tweet from Mark Perry that gives us another way of looking at the numbers.

He reviewed 64 years of data and found that government spending on…

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Biden KILLS pipelines at home but promotes them for Taliban terrorists

Biden KILLS pipelines at home but promotes them for Taliban terrorists – Geller Report News
This tells you everything about the ongoing coup against America from within.

Biden KILLS pipelines at home but promotes them for Taliban terrorists

This tells you everything about the ongoing coup against America from within.

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Biden kills pipelines at home but promotes them for the Taliban

By Michael Rubin | Washington Examiner | February 08, 2021:

On his first day in office, President Biden canceled permits for the Keystone XL pipeline. Environmentalists and anti-fossil fuel activists should not have applauded his move.

After all, Canada will not stop extracting oil from the tar sands of northern Alberta. Instead, it will simply export oil over existing pipelines or to the Pacific Ocean, where the damage from a potential spill would be harder to address. Biden’s cancellation cost jobs and pushes Canada toward greater economic cooperation with China. It also shakes confidence in U.S. business. Who would invest in the country if any future administration can simply renege on deals with the stroke of a pen? Especially, that is, when the investments involved here reach into the billions of dollars?

Biden’s move was both political theater and an indulgence of his liberal base. But his hypocrisy was stunning even for a politician who has spent a half-century in Washington. Consider that while the Biden administration is killing a pipeline from which the public could benefit, Biden is promoting a pipeline to enrich both one of the world’s worst dictatorships and a group responsible for thousands of U.S. deaths.

The government has apparently brokered a meeting between the Turkmenistan government and the Taliban for a trans-Afghanistan pipeline to bring Turkmen gas across Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. If this scheme sounds familiar, it should: It was the same deal that now-Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad sought to make with the Taliban in the years before the Sept. 11 terror attacks when he was a consultant for the Unocal Corporation. Geller Reoirt read more

Let’s party like it’s 1984!

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In My Father's House

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” (Orwell, 1984). We had an interesting conversation about the destruction of words over at Insanitybytes22’s blog with her post, “The Word of the Day is Fortify.” You should check that out. I will continue my thoughts about it here. Of course, George Orwell was wrong about one thing in predicting his dystopian future. He was 37 years too early.

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Insurrectile Dysfunction Or Revoltus Interruptus?

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Artaxes' brainbench

There is a principle one should apply to all kinds of claims and narratives.
This principle applies especially to the claim that President Trump incited an insurrection.

The principle: The best way to determine if any given scenario is plausible, is to think it through.

By thinking a scenario through one discovers often quickly whether it is possible, plausible or highly unlikely.
Unfortunately, many people just repeat what they hear without the slightest examination.
That’s a pity because if they would do a minimal examination they could distinguish lies from truth very quickly.

So, let’s consider the following scenario:
“On January 6, 2021 President Trump incited an insurrection in order to prevent the legitimate transfer of power from happening by giving an instigating speech.”

Thinking this scenario through does not require us to determine whether Joe Biden stole the election from Donald Trump or not.
In order to keep our…

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Capitol Riot Conundrum Revealed? King Solomon Blog

H/T Arlin Report

Rudy u Martinka

Interested in understanding the real truthful reason and responsibly of blame for the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Support grows for US Capitol riot inquiry after Trump’s acquittal; reported this statement.

“There should be a complete investigation about what happened,” said Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, one of seven Republicans who voted to convict Trump. “What was known, who knew it and when they knew, all that, because that builds the basis so this never happens again.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and an idiom to reveal the core reason for the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021 to save taxpayers another political 50-million-dollar inquiry.

King Solomon

If you see the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regards; and…

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Patrick Byrne provides data on vote flipping

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American Buddhist Net

About a week ago I published some preliminary numbers regarding vote flipping, prepared by some very deep diving dolphin-speakers. They had only located, analyzed, And reconstructed about 18 of them at the time. They had found just short of 300,000 votes flipped. Now they have worked further through the data, and they have locked down what 85 case, for over 2 million votes. They are most of the way but not yet completely all the way through the data, so this may increase a little more.

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Publishes Preliminary Data On Foreign Vote Flipping In 2020 US General Election

This is important information. Byrne is a credible man. We absolutely cannot allow our elections to be hacked. Nor can we allow significant numbers of Americans to reasonably suspect that our elections are being hacked, which is the case today. This information must be taken seriously and…

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Wonder if Joey is having a parking lot meeting today with his supporter? After all this is President’s
Day. Will they have a gathering? Or will it be virtual? Meanwhile in Palm Beach on President’s Day….

Now this is an interesting letter….



Image result for pelosi impeachment dress
First Impeachment left, second impeachment right. What is the difference? Why didn’t Nancy reside over her proceedings this time? Why was she missing in action after she made her impeachment announcement? Where is that smarty pants Nancy we all have watched for years? Where did that unshakeable shrew go?

Jason Chaffetz: Speaker…

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An unusual thing, isn’t it, says the spirit of the Lord.

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These are difficult times. Most are aware this is a silent war of secrecy and there is a global awakening taking place. Many are still unaware. Many are aware that the Lord works in mysterious ways and many believe only in what they see. Many believe honest voting will erase all the problems we are having…others know better. The issues with voter fraud are indeed a problem, but, if not for this voter fraud, we would not have known their mulitple secret methods of deception. All the levels of corruption were much deeper than any had imagined. This, and other injustices will be dealt with. Many have forgotten that President Trump did not concede and many have forgotten that there is yet a court date on February 19, 2021 to address this issue.

Image result for president trump oval MARALAGO

I have said many times that…

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