Biden’s Iran Disaster: Iran-Backed Militia Fires Rockets At US Base In DEADLY Rocket Attack In Iraq

Biden’s Iran Disaster: Iran-Backed Militia Fires Rockets At US Base In DEADLY Rocket Attack In Iraq
Biden’s Iran Disaster: Iran-Backed Militia Fires Rockets At US Base In DEADLY Rocket Attack In Iraq…
They wouldn’t pull this with Trump. Biden bent over, doing Iran’s bidding – how’s that working out for America?

Biden’s Iran Disaster: Iran-Backed Militia Fires Rockets At US Base In DEADLY Rocket Attack In Iraq

They wouldn’t pull this with Trump. Biden bent over and did Iran’s bidding – how’s that working out for America?

Biden Is Tested By Attack at Erbil That Injured a GI

By Benny Avni, Special to the Sun | February 16, 2021

Monday’s injury of an American GI and the death of one of our military contractors working with American forces at the heart of Iraqi Kurdistan should be seen as an early Iranian test of President Biden.

The American president’s first, and cautious, reaction is disappointing. It indicates the attack won’t trigger a reevaluation of Mr. Biden’s dash to re-sign a hapless nuclear deal that ignores Tehran’s malign regional activity.

Iran-Backed Militia Fires Rockets At US Base In Iraq

By: Adam Nash February 16, 2021

A civilian contractor was killed after a pro-Iranian group attacked a US military base in Iraq. There were no American deaths, though one US soldier was injured, along with five other foreign contactors. In Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq where the attack took place, three people were injured, one critically. The casualties occurred after approximately 14 rockets were fired at a US military base near Erbil International Airport, three of which actually landed inside the base.

The group behind the attack, ‘the Guardians of the Blood Brigade’ militia, says it launched the attack against the ‘American occupation’. The group is one of a number of Iranian backed groups which have surged in both power and popularity since they successfully fought against ISIS in Iraq. After ISIS’ defeat, many of the groups remained powerful, and some even became political parties. They did well in the 2018 Iraqi election, with one militia even increasing its share of the seats from one in 2014 to 15 in 2018.

Yet, Iraq isn’t the only country plagued with Iranian-backed militias. In Yemen, for example, the Houthi rebels now control around 80% of the population, despite Saudi-led efforts to push them back. In Lebanon, Iran infamously supports the Hezbollah group, who lost a war against Israel in 2006. Iran is also a powerful force in Syria, where it supports the brutal regime of Bashar Al-Assad in the Syrian Civil War. Geller Report read more

CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Went to CAIR, Bail Fund for Criminals

Texas vs. California, Part VII

International Liberty

To begin the seventh edition of our series comparing policy in Texas and California (previous entries in March 2010, February 2013, April 2013, October 2018, June 2019, and December 2020), here’s a video from Prager University.

There will be a lot of information in today’s column, so if you’re pressed for time, here are three sentences that tell you what you need to know.

California has all sorts of natural advantages over Texas, especially endless sunshine and beautiful topography.

Texas has better government policy than California, most notably in areas such as taxation and regulation.

Since people are moving from the Golden State to the Lone Star State, public policy seems to matter more than natural beauty.

Now let’s look at a bunch of evidence to support those three sentences.

We’ll start with an article by Joel Kotkin of Chapman University.

If one were…

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Your Obedience Matters, Because Your Obedience Leads To More Tyranny

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Just ran into a post I discovered through my WordPress subscriptions. So, hat tip to Gds44’s Blog. Here’s a clue to the theme: Obedience is bowing to tyranny – Disobedience is a path to Liberty.

Also, an interesting tidbit: There is a new “F” that can get you deplatformed. “F” is for exposing FRAUD. This is of course as to the old “F” word – which you can guess but I want use – which seems to proliferate especially among the virtueless Left with no platform censorship.

With my push for civil disobedience in the face of Dem-Marxist totalitarianism, the Allan Stevo cross post below is well worth the read. If you are conditioned to microwave gratification, you may have to return to mentally digest a comprehension key to keep the Freedom door unlocked,

JRH 2/16/21

I need your generosity in 2021 via – credit cards, check cards 


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“We Can’t Play Into The Hands of These People.” PRESIDENT TRUMP


Who is really running the nation right now? Biden can barely look at the camera for a few minutes without nodding off. He is incoherent and doesn’t know what he is even being asked. So who is preparing his executive orders, and telling him what to do next? Is it a committee? A few people or one?

Image result for pelosi schumer biden harris
Or is it Obama, Hillary, or the Corporate Cabal?

What were their plans? Was it to blow up a portion of the Capitol and blame it on the people who wanted the courts to look at election fraud evidence? Was it to create a disaster that harmed and killed innocent Americans? Was this going to lead to another witch hunt on all Trump supporters ending in putting them into their internment camps? Was it going to be the fuse on the powder keg to justify the evil genocide of all who opposed the…

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President Trump moves his Knight into position, putting McConnell’s Rook (blocked by pawns) in a position where he has only one move to make. It appears he will either stay in place hoping Trump’s Knight will let him stay, or he has one move and after that one move….Trump’s next move will knock him off the board.

In a truth or dare letter, President Trump exposes McConnell for the spit wad, sell out that he is.

Image result for mcconnell turtle meme


“The Republican party can never again be respected or strong with political “leaders” like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its’ helm. McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worse. The Democrats and Chuck Schumer play McConnell like a fiddle –…

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GOOD MORNING! How’s That Biden Administration Doing For Ya? Via The Marshall Report

Via The Marshall Report


How’s That Biden Administration Doing For Ya? I’ve found out a few new things, but, not sure of all the details. I may have to circle back. Enjoy the show…

Another view of two presidents…

On a serious note, listen close to what is said in this video. This is for anyone who isn’t seeing that anything is and was being done about the election theft, and all the things that have taken place since November 3, 2020.

Remember the date, November 9, 2020 just 6 days after the election. That is when President Trump removed Esper as Acting Secretary of Defense and replaced him with the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center – Christopher Miller. Miller became the new Acting Secretary of Defense. Listen close to the words in the video and you will hear a lot of clues as to what was being prepared and what was taking place when no one was thinking anything was happening. In the announcement, they present the vision of John F. Kennedy, and a new type of war and the preparations that were needed to defend America from it. This was and is an important clue that we had entered into WWIII. And it was a different kind of war, one we had never seen before. After watching, it is my hope that you will see more clearly as to many of the things that are taking place and know that the military has sworn an oath to protect the people of the United States of America and not an oath to serve any President’s communistic regime desires. The Marshall Report read more.

Soviets ALSO Faced a ‘Dark, Chilly Winter’ of Power Shortages:

The Mad Jewess

Soviets ALSO Faced a ‘Dark, Chilly Winter’ of Power Shortages:

Interesting, isn’t it? Also interesting that the ‘controlled’ black outs are in red states only.Tierney’s real news states:

‘ In 2019, CNN bragged that Texas was moving toward green energy like solar & wind. This week, as the polar vortex sent Texas into a deep freeze, over 5 million people lost power as half of the states’ wind turbines FROZE SOLID. People don’t understand that when the wind doesn’t blow, wind turbines don’t work. Common sense. Texas never had widespread outages like this before they went GREEN.‘ In order to UNSTICK the turbines, helicopters, running on fossil fuel, must spread de-icers, made of fossil fuels, on the turbines, which are made of fossil fuels, which must be re-started with energy, run by fossil fuels, in order for us to have GREEN ENERGY.

MOSCOW, 1991—Along…

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