Your Obedience Matters, Because Your Obedience Leads To More Tyranny

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

Just ran into a post I discovered through my WordPress subscriptions. So, hat tip to Gds44’s Blog. Here’s a clue to the theme: Obedience is bowing to tyranny – Disobedience is a path to Liberty.

Also, an interesting tidbit: There is a new “F” that can get you deplatformed. “F” is for exposing FRAUD. This is of course as to the old “F” word – which you can guess but I want use – which seems to proliferate especially among the virtueless Left with no platform censorship.

With my push for civil disobedience in the face of Dem-Marxist totalitarianism, the Allan Stevo cross post below is well worth the read. If you are conditioned to microwave gratification, you may have to return to mentally digest a comprehension key to keep the Freedom door unlocked,

JRH 2/16/21

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