arlin report thought(s) of the day: bill gates and other bs.

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So Bill Gates thinks we should eat synthetic meat now because of climate change. I only saw the headline. I didn’t bother to read the article for the reasoning. Climate change was enough……, especially coming from Bill Gates.

Who the hell made Bill Gates my caretaker, guardian or power of attorney? I certainly didn’t and I haven’t seen his name on any ballots.

Mitch McConnell, keep talking, you’re exposing yourself for what you really are.

Will the real Joe Biden please stand up……….show your self! I mean, look at the guy. Half the time I am asking myself if that is even him. Where did the crows feet go. No wrinkles in the face! Looks like a 40-50 year old face on a 78 year old, and I know he isn’t in that great of shape or fit. Seriously, sometimes his face looks like smooth rubber. It doesn’t look like…

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