Good Morning! We’re only a day away from the Supreme Court Hearing…


Friday February 19, 2021 is the big day. The Lord willing, President Trump will have the election voter fraud case presented before the Supreme Court. This case is as much for the preservation for “We The People’s” right to vote as it is anything. If we don’t end the lawlessness, we have no country and no free elections. We The People are not corporate chattle, nor property to be wagered against like a monopoly game with Central Banks and Federal Reserves incorporated. We are not property of the cabal’s corporation! We are a people OF the Republic of the United States of America with a constitution and a Bill of Rights. We are NOT a people (enslaved) for the UNITED STATES, INC. Our constitution is OF THE PEOPLE;NOT FOR THE PEOPLE! They need to know we are aware of their back room corporate steal of our sovereignty, the…

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