Madagascar President Exposes WHO – Refused $20 Million Dollar Bribe To Add Toxins To Covid-Organics!


The World Health Organization appears to have agenda to depopulate humanityafteroffering bribe to nation leader to give toxic vaccines! Why do they want to make people sick?Why do they want the President of Madagascar to put a toxin into their organic remedy and give it to men, women, children and the elderly?

This is a serious issue and it is time people wake up and do what President Andry Rajoelina is doing and that is standing up to the United Nations World Health Organization and tell them to shove their money. Human life has no price tag. Thank God for men like Rajoelina who is resisting the pressures of WHO to sell his people for a buck!

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President Andry Rajoelina has offered people throughout the region to come to Madagascar and receive the “Herbal Tea Cure” for free to people who have the virus. People have found…

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1 thought on “Madagascar President Exposes WHO – Refused $20 Million Dollar Bribe To Add Toxins To Covid-Organics!

  1. Last will be first and first will be last. Much of the christian world is fallen yet maybe we going to see a surge in africa, israel, iran, china, etc etc as the holy spirit moves thru what thought last will end up first in Christ? Either awake leaders or some awake people or both yet together. God is still in control and our free will choices will determine individual outcome. Many leaders in africa still have brain function.


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