Earth’s climate is ‘cyclical’ as new study claims an ice age is coming (Video)

Earth’s climate is ‘cyclical’ as new study claims an ice age is coming

Jan 14, 2021

Sky News Australia

Geologist and earth scientist Professor Ian Plimer says the “climate is cyclical” as a new study claims Earth is heading to an ice age. “We are getting towards the end of the warm period, the peak of the warmth was about 5,000 years ago and we are heading for the next inevitable ice age,” he told Sky News host Cory Bernardi. Professor Plimer says every occurrence of icebergs expanding and shrinking happened with “more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now”. “To use the word ‘unprecedented’ shows you have expunged history and geology from your knowledge.”

Kristi Noem takes on Bill Gates’ latest environmental demands (Video)

Kristi Noem takes on Bill Gates’ latest environmental demands

Feb 16, 2021

Fox News

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem slams Bill Gates’ for saying Americans’ should stop eating beef and weighs in on the devestation of canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

America Under Siege: Antifa (Video)

America Under Siege: Antifa

Sep 25, 2017

Capital Research Center

The communist movement known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has sparked violence across the nation. In the wake of their battling despicable white supremacist in Charlottesville, Antifa has begun to gain mainstream popularity. But unbeknownst to much of the public, the vast majority of Antifa violence isn’t targeted at genuine fascists, but mainstream conservatives and civilians. With help from those who have encountered Antifa, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, and Steve Deace, conservative author Trevor Loudon guides us through the history and ideas behind the Antifa movement, starting with Leon Trotsky and going all the way through the events in Berkeley, CA and Charlottesville, VA. “Antifa” is the third episode in the “America Under Siege” documentary web-series from Dangerous Documentaries (a project of the Capital Research Center) and Cohesion Films. Each episode profiles the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.

Melissa Fung discusses her documentary, “Captive,” and describes her harrowing experiences while on assignment in Afghanistan.

Via tvo click screenshot for video

Melissa Fung discusses her documentary, “Captive,” and describes her harrowing experiences while on assignment in Afghanistan.

Surviving Abduction and Boko Haram

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

The terrorist group Boko Haram has abducted and brutalized thousands over the past decade in the east African country of Nigeria – including more than 1,000 girls kidnapped from their schools and forced into unspeakable captivity. Canadian journalist Mellissa Fung set out to document stories of some who survived, and the bravery they’ve shown in forging new lives. In the process, she found herself reflecting on her own harrowing story of abduction, the topic of her documentary, “Captive.”

Civil Disobedience the God-Kind-of-Way

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© February 19, 2021


If you haven’t noticed, I am an extreme proponent of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE to be acted out against a fraudulently elected nominally headed by CCP Joe Biden. I say, “nominally” because CCP Joe is obviously cognitively challenged. AND if CCP Joe isn’t operating with all his wits, SOMEONE is calling the shots. That “SOMEONE” is a Deep State mystery to me. I suspect the “SOMEONE” is a closet collective oligarchy that may or may not involve Commie Kamala the fraudulently elected Vice President. Civil Disobedience challenges that become massive will probably expose who is actually the power (or powers) acting in the fraudulently led Executive Branch as violent coercion emerges to force compliance.

With that little preamble I ran into Intercessors For America post by Karen Hardin that includes a link to a Rumble video which I will embed.

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TODAY the case was Distributed for Conference at the Supreme Court of the United States. What this means is the SCOTUS will review in conference.

UPDATE – NEW: The Supreme Court will issue opinions on Thursday Feb. 25. To clarify, we do not know if it will be more than one opinion. So, *one or more opinions.

The above update is latest information based on where the case sits as of now. People are watching for updates and outcomes of the case and Lin Wood has been as anxious as any of us for this case to be heard. Here is what he said earlier today:

Image result for lin woods

Lin Wood : Many are watching and waiting on the U.S. Supreme today. In its conference, the Court will decide whether the cases from GA, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will proceed.

If the Court says NO, we will know the majority of the Court is…

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It’s a great new day! I got up, grabbed some coffe and got right to work practicing note writing and edited a few reports.

Editing will be done next week…so reports concerning that will be out sometime then.

This should make the professional troll editors happy. After all, in this time of crisis…we all have to just sit back, complain and do things inside the literary art box rules made by the ones who control who gets to do what. You know, the rules made by the people who control the foundations who fund who gets to do what. These are the same ones who push all the propaganda, set the standards, and critique the lowly unknown starving artists, authors, musicians, and inventors while they are alive, and then after they die, profit off of their work. History is full of such a myriad of stories. So sad they say…

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Biden G-7 Makes Headlines – And Many Shout We Are All Doomed…But Are We?


Let’s all take a walk through what the G-7 Meeting was about before everyone goes down sad face lane. It’s all Virtual…

The Group of Seven is an intergovernmental organization consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The heads of government of the member states, as well as the representatives of the European Union, meet at the annual G7 Summit.

Take note that Russia is not a part of the G7. Note also that neither is China. Note also the interest of states helping to remove CCP and the steps taken to support the Republic of China.

Image result for pompeo and japan leaders

Note that Japan had been working with Pompeo.  Secretary Pompeo and Foreign Minister Suga reaffirmed the strength of the U.S.-Japan Alliance, based on shared values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, common strategic interests, and an enduring friendship. The Secretary and the Foreign…

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Random Observations


I have a fascination with films of various periods in history but for the most part, I enjoy British history pieces. Kings and Queens – Americans understand the concept but it’s as foreign an idea to us as moon dust. Part of the pull to period pieces is the dress and accoutrement of the kings and queens. While I have often been inspired by the jewelry of both, I’ve never given thought to the jewelry in itself. I always thought they were big and gold because of the wealth of the monarch but really, a lot has to do with the reason for the jewelry. This is beautifully explained in the video. When you see some of the fine work done on the shanks and circles of the rings, I think you’ll find it more interesting than you expected. A fine video but probably, in this case, not long enough.

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Trump courts billionaire backers as he plans conservative-friendly social media platform

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 20th, 2021

All the president need do would be to set something up like a “Go Fund Me” page using of course, another type of media.

Get the word out to the 80 million people that voted for him, and let the games begin.

Put the word out that the President needed us to each send in 5 dollars a month and he would likely receive enough money to run his own show.

He would need to broadcast with his buddy Howard Stern using X-M Satellite Radioto keep the hounds at the FCC at bay.[Another tax payer funded boondoggle that serves little if any purpose.]

Two sources familiar with discussions said investors included Silicon Valley figures motivated by fears of censorship and online “cancel culture.”

Details emerged as Trump began a new phase of his post-presidency, giving television interviews from his Florida base…

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