Time For Cuomo To Go

The Lone Cactus

To think it was less than a year ago, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo was sitting on top of the world. He was praised by both sides of the aisle for his daily briefings on Coronavirus, while Donald Trump was being roundly mocked by media and pundits alike for his rambling diatribes that sometimes would go two hours. Cuomo was hailed as a leading expert on how to deal with COVID, and was even given an Emmy award for his daily broadcasts. Cable news channels couldn’t get enough of him, and he was on the air more than probably any other politician save Donald Trump.

Oh, how the times have changed.

When it came out earlier this year that Cuomo had withheld the true numbers of nursing homes deaths caused by his requiring New York nursing homes to admit COVID patients, and that the true number of deaths could have…

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