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The “COVID Conspiracy Theory”?

The Lone Cactus

Reading the day’s headlines this morning it hit me. First of all, I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think there is a secret cabal somewhere that runs the world. I think we actually landed on the moon several times. I believe Oswald killed Kennedy. And it goes on and on. BUT…

If I WERE a conspiracy theorist, the last year would start me wondering all over again. And I’m talking about how COVID has changed our lives. When you think about it, and think about what we as a nation have had to do over the past 12 months, it makes you wonder. Let me ask you this: What plan that was widely viewed as “outrageous” would make you curtail your travel on planes, cancel the cruise industry altogether, limit your travel to other parts of the country; get you to work from home so we don’t need skyscraper…

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Awhile back I wrote a little something; it was during the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, and I mentioned that ‘doomsday preppers’ didn’t look so crazy after all. While I now have enough toilet paper for four families, I still check in with the prepper community just to keep abreast of new tips and techniques. I came across this very intelligent, very rational gentleman and I was impressed with his information.

The point he makes and that I can relate to is plain, old weather emergencies. The midwest has its tornadoes and the west coast has massive rains and or fires, and the east coast can get nor’easters and hurricanes. Here in Florida, hurricanes are our biggest concern. My particular area of Florida, St. Petersburg, has been relatively untouched by major hurricanes, thankfully, but our John’s Pass on St. Pete Beach, was created by a big hurricane in the…

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The Weak Case for Government-Financed Research and Development

International Liberty

While it’s true that every penny in the budget requires money to be diverted from the economy’s productive sector, not all government spending is created equal when considering the impact on growth.

Some types of spending, such as redistribution programs, are doubly harmful to prosperity. The economy is first hurt by the taxes needed to finance the programs, and then the economy is hurt because the programs give people incentives to rely on the government rather than work.

Other types of spending, however, require a cost-benefit analysis.

Consider the case of education. There are costs when politicians take money out of the private sector to finance education, but there are benefits from having an educated population.

That doesn’t tell us how much to spend, of course, and it also overlooks equally important questions such as whether the money will generate better results if used to finance…

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If you have loved your freedom or simply just expect it as a right, then know this, we are under a digital Pearl Harbor. The world is at stake and there is no room for failure, this is it. That being said, the next set of questions are many.

Watch historical footage of Pearl Harbor hours after the devastating  Japanese attack on December 7, 1941

Why is everything so unclear, and why aren’t we told what is going on exactly? Imagine how we have allowed fake news to lie to us for years, and our government to go as far as incorporate themselves and take away our freedoms yet, we yell at Trump for not telling us what he is doing? We are yelling at the wrong people here. Perhaps this is what we need to understand. We have allowed liars and thieves to control our lives, and enslave all of us to lives on a hamster wheel of laborious days with taxes, taxes, taxes. And…

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Schumer Is A Friggin Idiot. TX Was Using Green Energy & Turbines/Solar Which FAILED!!!!!!

The Mad Jewess

Schumer Is A Friggin Idiot. TX Was Using Green Energy & Turbines/Solar Which FAILED!!!!!!

Idiot a$$ Schumer mocks Texas over deadly energy crisis, blames ‘ignored climate change’: ‘Hope they learned a lesson

Does this horrible looking NOSE get that Conservatives AND “Liberals” in TX suffered? What a rotten thing to say at such a time. Of course, the Left is calling everyone a liar saying it wasn’t ‘green energy & turbines/Solar’. But, did TX have this issue before Communist, idiot, green-energy stupidity?

FELICIDADES AMIGO HOLA, | Emoticons emojis, Animated emoticons, Funny  emoticons

Texas frozen wind power – Millions of outages ensue - Ice Age Now
Frozen Turbine in TX


Texas Grid Woes Go Beyond Frozen Wind Turbines | Rigzone
Frozen Turbine in TX

Terrible thing to say. Schumer is evil. Rot in Hell, Schumer.

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2020-2021 Democrats Covid-19 Plandemic 001 Video

2020-2021 Democrats Covid-19 Plandemic 001

During 2020, 2021 Democrats have shown us the true face of the Democrat Party and it isn’t a good one.

Joe Biden Called Cuomo’s COVID Leadership the ‘Gold Standard’

Via Jim Campbell’s

Joe Biden Called Cuomo’s COVID Leadership the ‘Gold Standard’

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 22, 2021

A more fitting name for Cuomo would be Dr. Death.

If woeful Joe believes that Cuomo’s handling of the NY COVID deaths is the “Gold Standard,” it’s just further proof of China Joe’s poorly functioning brain.

Both should be impeached at the same time.

Pajamas Media

By Matt Margolis

Feb 22, 2021

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Andrew Cuomo’s political future is in serious jeopardy as his cover-up of nursing home COVID deaths is finally starting to get the attention it deserves.

For many months, only conservative media reported on Cuomo’s deadly order mandating that nursing homes accept COVID patients and Cuomo’s subsequent cover-up of the nursing home COVID deaths data.

Now, he’s starting to get called out by New York Democrats, and could be on the verge of impeachment.

Cuomo’s fall from grace is long overdue, but will those who praised him admit they were wrong? Jim Campbell’s read more

Sydney Powell is being ganged up upon to keep America from learning the truth

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 22nd 2021

We have far too many leftist trial lawyers in America.

I’m certain some are great and we will want them if we are accuse of committing a serious felony.

But what’s the story with those who continue to hide the truth?

Chief Justice John Roberts, The U.S. Supreme Courts Judas

This goes deep into the Supreme Court where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Paul Roberts, never a fan of President Trump has ranted that “HE,” will refuse the case at the Supreme Court level.

Killing people or stabbing them, usually in the back is well within Hillary’s comfort zones.

Supreme Court Clarence Thomas issues a warning.

Between Bill and Hill they have committed more crimes than any couple in presidential history, yet they have never been charges with anything.

This goes to the malignant roots of our court system which…

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Big Tech Robotic Moonbat Overlords Censor Chess Videos

Allah's Willing Executioners

Thanks to our reliance on social media, Big Tech’s robotic moonbat overlords determine what we can say to each other. This isbad newsfor people who are into chess.

Croatian chess player Antonio Radic (aka Agadmator) had his popular chess videos blocked by Google’s YouTube due to unspecified “harmful and dangerous” content.

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon suspect Radic’s discussion of ‘black vs. white’ with a grandmaster accidentally triggered YouTube’s AI filters.

Running simulations with software trained to detect hate speech, they found more than 80 percent of chess videos flagged for hate speech lacked any—but did include terms like ‘black,’ ‘white,’ ‘attack’ and ‘threat.’

They must have a liberal definition of hate speech. My guess would be that closer to 100% of chess videos lack any hate speech. But as the definition of hate speech expands, it incorporates ever more harmless conversation.

As has been previously determined

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