Sydney Powell is being ganged up upon to keep America from learning the truth

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 22nd 2021

We have far too many leftist trial lawyers in America.

I’m certain some are great and we will want them if we are accuse of committing a serious felony.

But what’s the story with those who continue to hide the truth?

Chief Justice John Roberts, The U.S. Supreme Courts Judas

This goes deep into the Supreme Court where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Paul Roberts, never a fan of President Trump has ranted that “HE,” will refuse the case at the Supreme Court level.

Killing people or stabbing them, usually in the back is well within Hillary’s comfort zones.

Supreme Court Clarence Thomas issues a warning.

Between Bill and Hill they have committed more crimes than any couple in presidential history, yet they have never been charges with anything.

This goes to the malignant roots of our court system which…

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