“Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!”


I know you’re thinking, “Why do I recognize that quote?” Come on – you can do it. That’s right! The last lines spoken by the reporter at the end of the movie, “The Thing from Another Planet”. I was watching a YouTube video; while the folks in the video were trying to figure out what they were seeing, someone cast an idea that perhaps it came from outer space. I’m of an age where remembering a movie from my adolescence is far easier than remembering this morning’s breakfast – but this one was released in April of 1951. I wasn’t even a glimmer yet.

You may remember when Nebraska Energy Observer rocked you. Some additional research unearthed something that happened six years ago. I don’t know why this isn’t indelibly etched on people’s brains but I suspect it’s because it didn’t happen in America. I don’t even recall ever having…

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