Eschewing Evil?

See, there's this thing called biology...

Ha! I just love the Holy Spirit. I can be so dark and gloomy, all confused, full of angst, misery, and woe, ready to just tell people to get off my lawn, and the Lord will say something so simple like, are you eschewing evil? Why yes, yes I am! What a refreshing drink of water that revelation was! Not only am I right on schedule, I am right where I am called to be. Doing exactly what I was designed to do.

I love that word eschewing. I cannot “hate” it just makes me bitter, cynical and rots my soul, but I sure can eschew, or shoo it all away if you prefer.

I am just up to my neck in evil right now and doing my best to shoo it all away.

The photo by the way is real, it is Wenatchee high school band practice. This is…

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