The Voice of the Anglo-Saxons


The French have always had a fear of the Anglo-Saxons, as our British readers know it is why DeGaulle would not allow Britain to join the EU, but it goes back much further. R.T. Howard explains in the Spectator Australia.

Rarely spoken about or even admitted to in France, this psychological influence is a fear of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’. This vague term denotes English-speaking influences, mainly British and American, that are deemed to pose a challenge not just to the prevalence and integrity of the French language but also to France’s wider commercial and strategic interests across the world, notably in former colonies, where Paris often tries to retain its influence.

As Gérard Prunier, a former adviser to the French government, has written, these Anglo-Saxons have defeated France’s great figures, such as Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte, pulverised its armies at Agincourt and elsewhere, and stolen whole swaths of…

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