Dem-Marxist Tyranny & American Patriot Choices

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© February 26, 2021


Although there was a time, I placed hope in the musings of Q-promises and a number of folks who spoke along similar lines that a Second Trump term was inevitable and that OBVIOUS Election Fraud would be overturned by either a rule-of-law Judiciary or a U.S. Military that would not allow an Election Coup to stand; BUT NONE OF THOSE PROMISES came into existence. I came to the realization that Q and compatriots were bogus.

Frankly, retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney has been a part of those wishful thinking disinformation fellows distributing false hope to American Patriots. SO … I hesitate to share McInerney’s interview which he essentially says America has only two options to survive a Dem-Marxist totalitarian future:


“… Trump, his advisers, and the U.S. military act to return the nation to constitutional government by completely…

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1 thought on “Dem-Marxist Tyranny & American Patriot Choices

  1. Seems that many cant admit it was trump that put fauci, berks, slaoui, gates and all the snakes in their positions. Trump left america in shambles when he left. Stolen election for sure, but trump took no advance action well in advance to prevent the election fraud and used no constitutional powers he had to stop the cheating fraud after the fact. Trump will go down in history as the man who got the hell damning jab started upon the earth. Its an elaborate show. Harris/biden are evil indeed but the last thing people need is hope trump may yet return. Heaven help us! Stolen election and one thinks hed get in next election? Actually he might for 42 months to continue with his term cut short by 6 months. Get off trump and consentrate on the evil in power now. Unity would be stronger if trump would just vanish.


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