Trust WHAT Plan? (Video)

Trust WHAT Plan?

First published at 20:00 UTC on January 26th, 2021.



What plan are we supposed to be trusting? Where do we go from here? In this video, I talk about the newest technocratic passports and why we should chuck them into the sun.

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1 thought on “Trust WHAT Plan? (Video)

  1. An opinion. I think it is fact but will call it an opinion. There are people undecided caught between opposite narratives, thus best option is wait for awhile and not jump to a jab so fast. Dont be like a life long devoted christian that believes homosexuals do not make the kingdom and suddenly switch to support them as soon as a son or daughter announces they are one. It hurts and is painful but truth and reality must remain. Too many christians have pet dogmas that may be right or wtong, yet unproven and act as if proved and endangers their souls. Books and movies created also a mindset. Many actually believe the mark will be called the mark on the news.many believe the news will call the antichrist the antichrist. Not so. Only those with eyes to see will know, the masses will not. Trumps, personal biometric identity for all on land sea air with out i d. Number embedded yet more secure that he promised in 2017, isnt that a fancy mumbo jumbo for the mark? Were so familiar with the micro chips in film, but what if the microchip is more advanced and just a liquid in a needle or a patch, all forms of same thing. Is the jabbed potion in you? Can put a reader to your toe or your knee etc but wisdom says the reader will be put to hand or forehead as custom of convenience. Why is the jab so vital to the elites in all the earth? To damn ones soul. It only takes the first jab! The soul is damned forever by just first jab. Yes many pastors and loved ones now dammed.get over it. Few make it to the narrow gate. God zapped dead the dude that touched ark of the covrnant and a couple that hid some wealth after saying they gave all.God is just but is strict. 8 people on noahs boat. Were all others totally evil? Farmers or store stockers can err but electricians err and they may be toast. Such is reality. Dont get caught on doctrine time tables. The jab damns ones soul now. The buy and sell part is another application of the jab and simply not fully activated yet but will be.


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