United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned white supremacists pose a “transnational threat,” having thrived amid the coronavirus pandemic. Calling them hate groups.


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres inoculated against novel coronavirus  - Society & Culture - TASS

António Guterres is now officially classifed among those known as liars who have no shame. Especially when you understand that the white people he is referring to here are all Trump supporters who protested against a stolen election at the Capitol. But according to THE UNITED NATIONS puppet –Antonio Guterres, their Secretary General, these are white supremacists who hate. Meanwhile Biden and Pelosi continue to yell the same thing (I don’t know who said it first? Perhaps they were both told by their secret puppet masters to say it together). So they screech and wail in unison that Trump supporters are terrorists who need locked up, and the election was fair and Dominion is the new normal so buck it up and get used to it.

Guterres went as far as to…

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