Ya Liking The AmeriKan Looney Bin?

The Mad Jewess

Ya Liking The AmeriKan Looney Bin?

Seriously, this nation is looking more and more silly as time goes on. Thanks to the Left, countries now laugh their collective asses off at the AmeriKan insanity. And, make no mistake, the Left–not only dangerous but also cuckoo — a funny farm complete.

Who sits around and thinks of ways to look absolutely dumber than a bag of rocks? Leftists, that’s who.

I mean, come on… A “Gender-free” MR. Potato head? Who the hell thinks of Mr. Potato that’s over 10 years old in the first place? Nobody. Only Left wing losers. Nobody bothered to think if Potato head was doing well, if he was selling in the stores, NADA! Then, boom: suddenly, the stupid Leftists are ALL about Mr. Potato head. Mr Potato head could have died and went to hell and I never would’ve even thought of him…Or rather…

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