Cancelled Tech Genius Behind Brave Preps the First New Search Engine

Allah's Willing Executioners

You may rememberBrendan Eich. He was the brilliant mind behind JavaScript who co-founded Mozilla, and then was forced out as an early victim of cancel culture over his religious views on traditional marriage.

Since then, the Mozilla Foundation has vanished into further obscurity. Hardly anyone uses Firefox. Thunderbird is a disaster.

But Eich rebounded with Brave, a privacy-oriented browser. That’s not a unique idea, most alternative browsers to Google’sChromeand whatever Microsoft is calling its browser this week, claim to offer privacy.

ButBrave recently had a gamechanger by way of integrating IFPS.

IFPS is potentially a huge dealin an internet that is centralized around a handful of Big Tech monopolies because it moves from a vertical model to a horizontal one, in which sites are loaded from other internet users. Think of it as Torrent for internet browsing. And that will make it much harder to take those sites down.


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