The neutral Swiss vote ‘yes’ to a burqa ban

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Ethel C. Fenig

In a closely contestedvoteyesterday in officially neutral Switzerland, voters narrowly (51.21%) approved a bill stating,”no one shall cover their face in public” and “no one is permitted to force someone to cover their face based on their gender.”

No, no, no — the neutral Swiss didn’t vote against face masks to keep the Wuhan virus from spreading; although not explicitly stated this law forbids Muslim women in Switzerland from covering their faces, with only eye peepholes or even slightly less restrictive face coverings, as is common in various degrees in most Muslim countries.  France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark have similar so-called burka ban laws.

While reporters at Al Jazeera, the Muslim media conglomerate,whineddiscrimination about this law, labeling it anti Muslim, they are quite silent about similar laws which force women, citizens and tourists, alike to cover up in Muslim dominated countries. For instance…

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