The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California

H/T Arlin Report

Liberals Backwards Think

The Victor Davis Hansen documentary on the “Decline and Fall of California” to Democrat socialism, from the richest state in the nation to the poorest, is a roadmap to how Democrats will dismantle American liberty as they convert the nation into their socialist toilet of communist fascism. All the while they will blame Republicans as they deceive the unwitty, uneducated liberals who follow them blindly to their own destruction. Their actions are reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazis and his rise to power in the 1930s when a small group of violent, deceitful Nazis convinced a minority of Germans to elect them to power from which they then seized absolute power to overthrow the German government. With the United States being forced into decline by the socialist government of FDR causing the great deepening the Crash of ’29 into the Great Depression by massive taxation, the world eventually descended into world war…

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