Lana Lokteff: How To End White Guilt (Video)

Add Post  Saying Dont Hate yourself is considered Hate Speech by YouTube



The video basically tells people that they should not hate themselves and that they are not responsible for all the world’s problems. The other side would have people believe that historical problems are the product of biology and they condemn generations of people for looking like other people who did things they think were bad all while ignoring all the other people who also look like them who did not. YouTube is protecting racists while labeling a video telling people who are constantly bashed on, how to deal with the racism from others and why they should not fall for it or hate themselves. Re-uploads of the video have resulted in strikes and the video is constantly removed.

Young White Males are 70% of all suicides in the US right now and it is only getting worse. And on YouTube we cannot even get a positive message out to these people without it being labeled hate speech!

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