Citizen Tom

Rebuilding of the Temple (illustration by Gustave Doré from the 1866 La Sainte Bible)
(from Second Temple – Wikipedia)

Imagine building a massive structure without the benefits of heavy machinery. Imagine thousands of men struggling to build the foundation required to support the weight of structure. Know that despite the best efforts of all those thousands their foundation must eventually fail. Everything we build, and everything we build upon, must eventually fail and crumble.

Look at our day. Where once men built things to last, we constantly replace the old with new and improved things. Is that the solution? Do we constantly replace the worn and obsolete with the new and improved? Can any man in some way save himself from the inevitably of death? As we race to “build back better” (see ‘Build Back Better’ – The Latest Code Phrase for Green Global Tyranny (breitbart.com)), is…

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