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Loudoun County High Schoolis a public secondary school inLeesburg, Virginia
(from Loudoun County High School – Wikipedia).

The Latest Iteration In Bigotry

Because each word represents a concept, the etymology of a word can be eye-opening. Consider bigot | Etymology Dictionary (etymonline.com) and prejudice | Etymology Dictionary (etymonline.com). The etymology of the term “bigot” is uncertain, but what is known of the word “bigot” suggests a certain amount of stereotyping (Stereotyping | Definition of Stereotyping by Merriam-Webster (merriam-webster.com)), which suggests the word “bigot” may have ironically originated because of a prejudiced attitude. The origin of the term “prejudice,” on the other hand, seems to be a bit more appropriate.

As the etymology of the word “bigot” suggests, before we call others bigots and prejudiced, we need to do a self-examination. Are we calling others bigots because we ourselves are bigots? Could be.

Where does bigotry…

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