PROVE ME WRONG. 1. Trump won the 2020 election 2. The U.S. media lies to the American people. It’s state run propaganda

H/T Arlin Report

Trump:The American Years

I’ll keep this entry simple. The election was stolen right before our eyes by rigging it in a small number of critical states then Biden was installed. The military and barricades in DC are up because they fear what they think the American people might do in response; exactly what they would do if they pulled off a coup. DC looks like Baghdad.

Any talk about a stolen election or just questioning the results can get you censored or banned on social media. They even went so far as to take Parler totally offline. President Trump is the only former President to be removed from Twitter. If you’re a liberal, Democrat or never Trumper and all of that doesn’t make you suspicious you don’t have a brain cell to speak of. Or you don’t care.

i was kicked off Twitter and Facebook both. If you would read some of my…

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