Biden’s new tax plan

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

Actually, Biden’s destruction of the U.S. Tax code hasn’t been signed into law.

I certainly hope that the reader hasn’t missed the fact that the package Biden will sign will require that he reads it before he signs it to find out what is in it.

Can Joe Biden actually read?

The elevators don’t go to all floors on either of these useless fools.

If it were read to him it’s unlikely he would have a clue what the reader was telling him.

It’s finally time to begin calling this lug head Dave!

Why Dave?

Click here.

It’s time for Biden to fall down the stairs again and blame it on a 10 mph wind.

As Biden Gears Up For New Tax Hikes To Pay For More Stimulus—Here’s What We Know

Forbes Magazine

March 23rd, 2021

Fresh off a major success with the $1.9 trillion American…

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