Citizen Tom

I use to think that the scientists and the folks with the technical skills in academia were most likely Conservatives. Maybe, but the guys who operate this website are not Conservatives, Current Time – 2021 – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ( They are:

  • Reeking insane with COVID-19 fears.
  • Scared of weapons instead of bad people.
  • Freaked out by “climate change”, AKA Global Warming.
  • Frightened of conspiracy theorists. This sentence explains itself: “False conspiracy theories about a “stolen” presidential election led to rioting that resulted in the death of five people and the first hostile occupation of the US Capitol since 1814.”
  • Terrified by disagreement. Disagree with them, and you are a “science denier.”
  • Bereft of serious solutions. Their “solutions” don’t solve anything. They just tie the USA up in knots with foolish, unenforceable treaties. At “best,” their solutions…

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