Fact Checking Joe Biden’s First Press Conference

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

March 25th, 2021

I have to admit, lost Joe did far better than I thought he would.

The fact that he remained awake and standing would naturally have blown most of the Trump Fans away.

In reality it makes little sense for any of us to pay attention to what they say, we must look for the hidden hand.

Politicians continually prove for the most part to be liars, thieves and criminals.

On the international front he was asked directly if he would draw a red line in which North Korea, China or Russia could not cross.

He of course deflected the question preferring to sleep on it.

While previous news conferences saw rooms packed with the White House press corps, Biden’s had only 30 reporters socially distanced in the White House East Room.

It’s my intention to dissect slow Joe like a first year medical student…

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