ARE YOU READY? We are now through the line after a long wait at the theme park and finally the rollar coaster is here for us to get inside. Once inside and all strapped in…it will begin its climb to the top…..and you know what happens after that!

May be an image of ‎outdoors and ‎text that says '‎Most hated US president Sun DINGID Most beloved US president ن‎'‎‎

Ahh PRESIDENT TRUMP, I still remember what a real press conference looks like….what we have today are cartoons.

Biden speech today: Joe Biden first press conference reveal US immigration,  Gun Control, North Korea plans - BBC News Pidgin

And this is called what? It reminds me of a second grade class with COVID mandates. Hand up, quietly and politely waiting. I can hear her thinking, “Pick me..Pick me”.

Biden's first presidential press conference: The filibuster and migrants at  the border were the main focus - Vox

Biden’s first … they said real….press conference. I can’t even describe this….except…nice chairs. Whose kitchen were they borrowed from?

North Korea Fires Missiles Again….Or Did They?

May be an image of outdoors
According to senior US officials, the two missiles fired by North Korea turned out to be ballistic.
A few hours ago, the Japanese government said that one of…

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