‘Israel’s Corona-Tyranny Push-Back’: A MUST LISTEN INTERVIEW at Israel National News – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

'Medical tyranny'. Illustraition

HOT on the heels of a most recent analysis, Senior Israeli Doctor Resigns Vaccine Committee Over Vaccination of Pregnant Women: What’s Going On? By Adina Kutnicki, along comes a highly incisive, thought-provoking, truth-telling radio interview — the likes of which, in a word, is jaw-dropping! 

AS such, the advice within is the following: firstly, in order to best absorb its import, place yourself in a relaxed frame of mind. So, put your feet up, grab a snack or two, and take some deep breathes. In so doing, much of the smoke and mirrors (going on in Israel and beyond) being advanced by the powers that be, relative to all things corona related, will start to make sense. Dissipate.

FULL DISCLOSURE: my partner, a senior surgeon in cardio-thoracics (in Israel, where we live), couldn’t agree more, that is, that what is happening in Israel is little more than ‘medical…

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