‘Put an end to this asylum tourism’ – AfD says migrants with Greek passports travel to Germany by the thousands

Allah's Willing Executioners

The AfD has called on the federal government to take tough action against refugees entering Germany through Greece despite the fact that they already have protection status Greece. Reportedly, there are a thousand such cases every month.

“Germany must put an end to this asylum tourism from Greece immediately and prevent entries. It cannot keep occuring that the Greek authorities issue travel documents to asylum seekers who then can board the next plane to Germany, their chosen host country,” said Leif-Erik Holm, the AfD parliamentary group deputy leader in the Bundestag.

Holm had previously asked the federal government what steps it takes against the entry of asylum seekers already registered in Greece as the current rules governing asylum indicate that migrants should remain in the first safe country they enter. The Federal Ministry of the Interior largely gave real answer based on a request from the German newspaperJunge Freiheit

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