Here’s Why The GOP Doesn’t Want Biden To Step Down

The Lone Cactus

It may seem a little weird, but believe it or not, when you ask the 50 Republican Senators if they would want to invoke the 25th Amendment or have the Cabinet do it, or have Joe Biden step down, their answer is a resounding NO!


Yeah, you read that right. Republican Senators, who have to fight for everything that happens in that body aren’t all that keen to get rid of Joe Biden as chief chef and bottle washer at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Though at first you’d shake your head in amazement…when you think about it, it does make total sense.

See, if something were to happen to a stumbling, bumbling president that mentally isn’t all there, and by the way, most Senators would agree with that, look who becomes president. Kamala Harris, who a lot of folks are claiming she’s already really running the country, would take over…

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