Suicide Pact: Subsidised Wind & Solar Designed to Wreck First World Economies


indexed-real-consumer-electricity-prices 1955-2018a

One of China’s principal strengths is its ability to harness cheap and reliable nuclear and coal-fired power. Contrast that with Australia’s energy policies deliberately hostile to coal and nuclear power, and it’s hard not to conclude that our political betters are in cahoots with the CCP.

The Roman Empire didn’t collapse because the barbarians to their North were particularly formidable foes. Overextended military and imperial ambition, combined with internal political and societal corruption and institutional decay, left the Romans sitting ducks.

20 years of massive subsidies to chaotically intermittent wind and solar have sent retail power prices in Australia to the top of the leaderboard. A brief dalliance with a tax on carbon dioxide gas helped that surge. Before subsidised renewables came on the scene, Australia enjoyed the cheapest power prices in the developed world.

Now, with a substantial penetration of unreliable wind and solar, energy hungry businesses are simply…

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