Citizen Tom

The Industrial Workers of the World poster “Pyramid of Capitalist System” (1911)
(from Capitalism – Wikipedia)

Why would anyone want to be a member of the Democratic Party? What makes anyone foolish and gullible enough to vote for a Democrat? Here we begin with the first five of THE TOP TEN REASONS! The TOP TEN BELIEFS!

  1. I believe we can always trust the people in charge of our government. I believe the people in charge love the People. I believe the people in charge always further the best interest of the People. The Holocaust is a myth. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Russian) and the Chinese Communist Party never “purged” millions of people. Those are heinous lies. Our government just wants to take our guns because guns are unsafe. Some idiot (not me, of course) might accidentally shoot himself or someone else. See Biden Corruption Runs Through…

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