Unaffordable At Any Price: Why Biden’s ‘Green’ New Deal Will Bankrupt America



Joe Biden and his Squad are trying to convince the American people that their ‘Green’ New Deal will deliver an economic Nirvana, for all and sundry.

Which begs the question: if every place in the world that’s adopted subsidised wind and solar ends up suffering rocketing power prices and an unreliable supply, why would the USA be any different? With examples like Germany and South Australia, there’s plenty to choose from.

Grasping reality, of course, has never been the renewable energy zealot’s most obvious attribute, whereas glossing over inconvenient facts is a necessary strength.

As Jonathan Tennenbaum details below, Americans need look no further than wind and solar obsessed California to gain a glimpse of what’s in store for them under Joe Biden & Co’s renewable energy manifesto.

This is Part 6 of Watch Out! Biden wants to save the planet. Click to read Part 1Part 2

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