BOMBSHELL Sends Chills Down Dems Spines, Heavy Left-Leaning Magazine Admits Elections Were Rigged [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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AKIN to all fascists, those who are in league with the DemocRAT Mafia, most prominently, the DNC-captured media, are incapable of seeing past their natural inclinations — that is, their feelings of ‘moral’ superiority, coupled with elitist entitlement, the masses, be damned.

BUT every so often, due to their over-inflated egos, they overstep and reveal much more than intended. This is so because they truly believe that they are untouchable. Not so fast…

IN this regard, leave it to Molly Ball, a die-hard, far-left radical, so-called journalist to spill the beans, so to speak. Of course, unintentionally!!

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PATRIOTS UNITED NEWS | By Anastasia Boushee | April 6, 2021

The left just can’t help themselves, they have to brag about their efforts to save “democracy” by destroying it. The left-wing “news” outlet TIME Magazine published an article that told the…

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