Dr. Naomi Wolf explains Bill Gates’s conflict of interest and his control of news outlets (Video)

Must watch this is what they are trying to do to us

The Sutliffian Report with Cohost Leo Hohmann and General Paul Vallely

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Paul Sutliff assembles Leo Hohmann and retired General Paul Vallely to discuss national security issues beginning with the designs and incursions of the Chinese Communist Party globally. Heard as broadcast 4/8/21 on Global Patriot Radio on the Sutliffian Report. Then evolves into state of politics in the USA.

At about the 35-minute mark Sutliff begins engaging Leo Hohmann talking about the CCP propaganda distributed through a Hedgehog animated video brainwashing children COVID (aka CCP Virus), masks and vaccines. Astonishing tidbit: The Hedgehog animation was made in 2016 and distributed in 2017. THEN Sutliff begins discussing the global intent of Civilization Jihad.

(Paul Sutliff has a speaking engagement promo website that provides some profile info HERE. And occasionally he posts on his blog Paul Sutliff on Civilization Jihad.)

JRH 4/9/21

I need your generosity in 2021 via – credit cards, check cards

& debit cards are accepted by…

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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita launches investigations into five Big Tech companies over censoring conservative content – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter!

Attorney General Todd Rokita announced today that he is investigating whether five Big Tech companies have potentially harmed Indiana consumers through business practices that are abusive, deceptive and/or unfair.

The investigation comes as Republican lawmakers have criticized Big Tech and social media companies for censoring and silencing conservatives, after companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube moved to permanently suspend former President Trump from the platforms following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, WHICH HAS NOW BEEN dubbed as a False Flag event by General Flynn to take the focus off of the stolen election and portray Trump voters as unlawful.

In particular, Attorney General Rokita is probing methods by which the companies have limited consumers’ access to certain content — often deleting or obscuring posted…

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Las Vegas Democrat Mayor – Turns Republican… BUT WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM AT HAND?


Las Vegas Mayor, Jon Lee stated, “When you are a pro-life democrat, a pro-gun democrat and you’re a very conservative person, well that’s not really well known in the democratic party anymore. And so for me to hang on as long as I did, hoping the party would change, it didn’t it got worse. Therefore, I found a new place that I can put my allegience to and help. Once again, forget about the last eight years, it’s the next four years that predict the future.”

At six minutes in Mayor Jon Lee states why he left the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party also has its’ swamp members. The swamp has no party lines, it has an agenda. The agenda is a global one and its’ roots are ancient. It is not concerned with humanity, it is concerned with owning the entire planet and depopulating it to a size that…

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AP France: #Ukraine Says “NO OFFENSE”? Please God, Let This Be True:

The Mad Jewess

AP France: #Ukraine Says “NO OFFENSE”? Please, God, Let This Be True:

I hope that Ukraine backed down and cooler heads prevailed. But, you all should know that Russia is Soros and Joe-BAMA’s prize package for their anti Christ, “NWO”.

Hal Turner has been watching this situation very closely: CLICK HERE

Never ever forget… If the Communists had not STOLEN the election, none of this would be happening:

Biden didn’t win and we are seeing more of Satan-OBAMA’s insanity all over the planet.

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Level Playing Field: Gaetz Should NOT “Step Down”. Cuomo Won’t. Why Should Gaetz?

The Mad Jewess

Level Playing Field: Gaetz Should NOT “Step Down”. Cuomo Won’t. Why Should Gaetz

The Left hates Gaetz….NO doubt because he stands up to their freaky, circus act asses.

Firebrand - By Congressman Matt Gaetz (Hardcover) : Target

I really don’t know what is true or not regarding Gaetz. And, I truly don’t care. Cuomo has set the precedence for not resigning while guilty. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander: If Cuomo stays after he sent thousands of elderly in NYC to their deaths, plus sexual harassment accusations, Gaetz’s ‘crimes’ are much, much less.

Leftists are always lolly-gagging about ‘level playing fields’.

It’s time to hold them to their ‘standards.’


Several members of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)’s staff have come forward in past days, defending him and testifying to his character. More

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DON’T FLY #UnitedAirlines! They’re NOT Interested In Pilot Credentials: Will Start Hiring Based On Skin & Gender.

The Mad Jewess

DON’T FLY United Airlines! They’re NOT Interested In Pilot Credentials: Will Start Hiring Based On Skin & Gender.

Call me a racist, Nazi, whatever phobe. I certainly will NOT fly with an airline that isn’t choosing the best, most experienced and smartest pilots–NO sir! Anyone knows that pilots tend to be ‘evil’ whitey or Jewish males….sometimes Asians males.

The stupid, pathetic, Lunatic Leftists are putting your life in danger with this new decision, brought to you by the ‘friendly skies’ of UnitedThe airline that just assume throw you off the flight at 25,000 feet with a new procedure like this!

I’ve never seen a female or a black pilot–EVER.

Hat tip: United Airlines says it will start hiring pilots based on their skin color and gender

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Joe Biden Tells The Chinese Government How Its Going to Be

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 9th, 2021

Attention all shoppers: We have a clean up on aisle 7.

Please avoid this aisle because there is lots of broken glass and sticky stuff, jams, jellies and the marmalade section.

Once gain, motor mouth starts the day by threatening the government on trade.

Like the rest of us Xi Jinping, the Chinese President pays Joe no mind.

On the “Big Guy’s” watch, China’s influence will “grow and expand.”

Breitbart News Consortium

Lloyd Billingsley

Apr 9th, 2021

“China has an overall goal, and I don’t criticize them for the goal, but they have an overall goal to become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world, and the most powerful country in the world.

That’s not going to happen on my watch because the United States are going to continue to grow and expand.”

That was Joe Biden in…

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Cities got deadlier in 2020: What’s behind the spike in homicides?

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 9th, 2021

This is of course another piece of media induced hyperbole and propaganda.

The vast majority of shootings and killings are in Blue States that have ignorantly told the police to get out of town. [Source]

Arizona allows for it’s people of legal age to open carry, or carry concealed.[Source]

Could it be that people seem to be friendlier in states that allow for the people to bare arms?

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

By Rafael A. Mangual

April 9th, 2021

Cities got deadlier in 2020: What's behind the spike in homicides?

© Getty Images

For those who follow urban-American history, the most remarkable story of the 20th century’s last decade has to be what’s now widely known as the Great Crime Decline.

While 2020 most assuredly will be remembered for the global coronavirus pandemic, it also will go down as a year marked by resurgent criminal violence that may end up spelling…

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Is President Planning to Run for President in 2024?

Jim Campbell's

Trump’s super PAC has $85M so far before 2022 midterms, possible 2024 bid

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 19th, 2021

Why Sarah Carter is a trusted journalist.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Muscovites line up at a grocer’s in Moscow, 29 December 2018, to buy some food for the upcoming new year’s celebrations.

Russia is currently experiencing some heavy food shortages all over the country. (Photo credit should read ANDRE DURAND/AFP via Getty Images)

But their trains still run on time.

Before we get into this too deeply we must remind you that the China Joe cabal is a cross between a soviet bread line and a Grey Hound Bus Depot.

Sara A. Carter

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sara_pic_hero-291x300.png

Sarah Carter

Douglas Braff

Apr 9th, 2021

As eyes start to gaze forward at the 2022 midterms, a new report claims that the super PAC of former PresidentDonald Trump, who’s also been hinting at a possible 2024 bid, has $85…

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