An Epidemic Of Biden

Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead

“Earlier today Joe Biden raised some eyebrows when he said ‘no amendment to the constitution is absolute.’ The first ten amendments to the constitution are commonly known as ‘The Bill of Rights.’ The occupant of the oval office, and head of the executive branch, saying the Bill of Rights is not absolute, should be challenged immediately to qualify that statement.” (Joe Biden Said The Bill of Rights is NOT “Absolute”)

Doddering Joe is absolutely correct for once. There are provisions for altering the Constitution. Unfortunately for Biden and the totalitarian minded Democrats, none of them include change by executive fiat. In these days of mob rule and dictatorial decree, however,  that hardly seems to matter. It is difficult to refrain from attributing nefarious motives to the never-ending assaults on freedom and common sense by the Party of the Holy Red Jackass. After all, “cui bono,” as the Romans…

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