A ‘Q’ Info Person Constantly Wrong … BUT a ‘Q’ Movement Patriotic

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© April 12, 2021

Just to be up front I need to reiterate it is my sense that “Q” information is either good intentioned wishful thinking and even perhaps on a more nefarious note, Deep State propaganda to placate the anger of Conservative-Patriots aware the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is slipping away.

BUT there is this little voice that hopes and prays the criminal corruption in ALL Branches of government are swept away in some coup d’état that suspends the Constitution to reinstate the following of the Founders’ Constitution. This little voice will rejoice if I am wrong about all things Q. STILL COMMONSENSE based on nothing coming to pass from past Q-predictions to preserve the Republic and incarcerate Communist criminal American traitors, I believe ONLY We The People actively exercising civil disobedience potentially leading to either a civil collapse…

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Woods & Malice Explain Constitution Politically Incorrect

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© April 12, 2021

Tom Woods and Michael Malice have put together a series of educational cartoons under the auspices of the Capital Research Center under the amusing name Dangerous Documentaries (as in DANGEROUS to Leftists for educating in TRUTH rather than lies).

Amazingly Youtube has these Dangerous Documentaries, BUT I do not trust Youtube to disseminate truth for that video platform is more concerned with perpetuating lies by the path of censorship. Ergo, I am using the Rumble version.

I began my Dangerous Documentary subscription on March 22, but I have noticed from the Rumble Capital Research Center video page have been posted since 3/3/21. I am cherry picking from this video list with 2 short toon videos, BUT I highly encourage you to watch all.

JRH 4/12/21

I need your generosity in 2021 via – credit cards, check cards

& debit…

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Vaccine + Asthma =


Here we go…. not good.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Midwin Charles, Esq. @MidwinCharles Just got vaccinated (qualified because of my asthma) at FEMA center. Everyone at the site is in uniform. It's good to see our service men and women! Process was organized, efficient, and everyone is kind and in good mood. Let's do this! 10:18 AM 3/1/21 Twitter for iPhone Midwin Charles, CNN and MSNBC legal analyst, dead at 47 เo0e5alo April 7, 2021 I 10:00am'

“Hey guys! Sadly, happy hour tonight is canceled. I’m not feeling well. See you next Friday,”Charles postedMarch 19 along with an emoji of clinking champagne glasses.

Charles’ family announced her death on Tuesday.


And the fact checkers have the nerve to say…..”While it is true that Charles is among the 63 million vaccinated Americans and did receive the Pfizer vaccine on March 1, five weeks before her unexpected demise, there is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine or its side effects contributed to her death.”


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New Vid Of #Ukraine NAZI Flag In Battle Vs Russia. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine:

The Mad Jewess

New Vid Of #Ukraine Battlefront W/ Nazi Flag. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine

The Communist Democrat party wants this battle and war against Russia. Period. Their allies are NAZI’S. We are the ones telling them to GET OUT of this mess.

> Hal Turner is covering the Russia vs Joe-Bama-Ukraine situation: U.S. and NATO Backing Literal NAZIS :This will be both a kinetic and cyber battlefield that will have a global reach

Democrat,Don Lemon said that he would ‘never be on the side of the Nazis’.


I covered the Ukraine Nazi FUBAR for many years: Click to go through the posts.

Ukraine and (Poland also) have serious Nazi issues and that has been documented for years: BBC, Stadiums of hate.

Hat tip

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Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again:

The Mad Jewess

Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again.

Thumbs Up Emoji Meme, HD Png Download , Transparent Png ...

Ask me if I care. I don’t anymore. When I did care in 2020, Trump did nothing. He let the cities burn. It angered me, immensely. Now, it doesn’t. I see Leftist cities burning as a result of hard Left policies. What ya put down, ya pick up. That which a man sows, he will also reap in due time. What comes around goes around.

God is allowing the Leftists to burn themselves. Good. Since nobody except the “Proud Boys” would go deal with these miscreants, God will. Hallelujah. Judgment is here. The wicked Leftists are receiving their just punishment…

If you are Conservative, living in the city and do not want to move: You had better get armed and have weapons. If…

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#Biden Calls For ‘Peaceful Protest’ In Minneapolis: THIS IS A “PEACEFUL PROTEST”, Joe.

The Mad Jewess

Biden Calls For ‘Peaceful Protest’ In Minneapolis: THIS IS A “PEACEFUL PROTEST”, Joe.

When the BLM and ANTIFA burned the cities in 2020, the Left called it ‘mostly peaceful protests‘. The same as they called the Arab Spring, “Peaceful”. The same as they call “Palestinians”, ‘oppressed’. I could go on, but you follow my drift…

Meanwhile, the ‘right’ covered the burning of the cities in 2020 at length. The Left retaliated to the pictures & videos as ‘Faux News’, “Racists”, “IT’S PEACEFUL”, etc. In fact, my blood pressure went through the roof and I had to go to the Cardiologist last spring because it made me sick. While in the waiting room, some dude asked me why I was there. He said I was ‘too young’ to be at the Cardio Dr. I told him: “The cities of America are on fire”. To which he responded: “You have to…

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ANOTHER School Shooting, #Knoxville. Didn’t Bill Cooper Predict Mass Shootings In 1991?

The Mad Jewess

ANOTHER School Shooting, #Knoxville. Didn’t Bill Cooper Predict Mass Shootings In 1991?

Click on this below to see:

Bill Cooper, who was assassinated for ‘knowing too much’ wrote in a 1991 book that mass shootings, (in schools also) would be used to get people to ‘give up their guns’.

Bill Cooper’s “Behold a pale horse”, 1991 book.

You can listen to Cooper’s audio book on YT:

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The Lawless One, #OBAMA Wants To “Reimagine Policing” (He’s The 1 Running The WH.)

The Mad Jewess

The Lawless One, OBAMA Wants To “Reimagine Policing”. (He’s The 1 Running The WH.)

What is Obama doing, opening his nasty yap anytime there is a ‘crisis?’ He’s the antagonizer who is running things and everyone knows it – but too many are too cowardly to address this and THROW HIM OUT.

The devil’s favorite son, Barack Hussein Obama is wanting to ‘reimagine policing’. Just what does that mean? The renegade, Obama wants a country without law. A nation where his rotten, Democrat sons continue to pillage, riot and loot American people.

Think not? Take a good look at Obama style politics (far left) in Portland and THEN tell me ‘No, you’re wrong, MJ…’)

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Russia AND China, BOTH Warn JoeBAMA To Stay Out Of Ukraine, Taiwan

The Mad Jewess

Russia, China Warn JoeBAMA To Stay Out Of Ukraine, Taiwan

Both Russia and China are large countries with massive weaponry simultaneously warn the US/NATO, military, industrial complex to get out of their business. Anyone wanna bet that the Obama regime, (oops – I mean Biden administration) will do as requested? I don’t believe so. Prices in the Grocery stores are going up, the Dollar isn’t worth much because of the trillions in ‘stimulus’… The war mongers NEED a biggie to get out of this mess THEY created..

So….Russia, China warn Biden at same time to stay out…..

US Could Soon Be Involved In Wars In Taiwan, Ukraine & The Middle East Simultaneously

US F-35, F-22 'add up' in Capabilities to Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter

I had a dream the other night at 4:30 AM and it was horrible. I dreamed that Russian fighter Jets, SukhoiSu-57’s were flying over American skies. Ready to bomb. (Above is what they looked like)


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Minneapolis The Natives are getting restless as female police commander mistakenly draws her gun thinking it was a taser

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

April 12th, 2021

I like the police, they represent in our world today, the thin blue line separating us from and anarchy.

As the story goes at this point an overzealous female watch commander thought she was going to use her taser but pulled and shot her gun instead.

Whatever her rank, she needs additional training and would do well to play the role of a desk sergeant for the next six months to a year.

We have another case of death by cop combined with driving while black.

According to the Star Tribune, relatives of Duante Wright, 20, told a growing crowd in Brooklyn Center that he was shot by police in Plymouth on Sunday afternoon, got back into his car and drove several blocks to Brooklyn Center, where he crashed the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

EMS audio reportedly indicated that…

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