A Top Facebook Exec Told a Whistleblower Her Concerns About Widespread State-Sponsored Disinformation Meant She Had ‘Job Security’ – DATA SCIENTIST SPILLS ALL!! By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

[Published at AmericasCivilWar.org]

AS one who wrote the book, literally, on Facebook’s dangerous machinations — effectively, proving that its data manipulation via the injection of biased-baked algorithms, that is, cooked into its coding — which causes heinous, real-world outcomes, well, this author wants to give an across-the-board internet shout out to Sophie Zhang; a rockin’ data scientist!

INDEED, she placed integrity above all else and did the right thing. Kudos. High-fives.

NOT only that, it is uplifting to see that there are still some — in this devil-may-care, anything goes, the end justifies the means political environment — who are ready, willing, and able to live up to the underlying basis of the all-important discipline of Data Science; that which holds its professionals to a high standard through the following motto:

Data Science for Social Good

AGAIN, all who hold dear to the foremost (character) principles…

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