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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

We have a page where folks can contact us privately, Take A Stand | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance ( Here is a question we got.

Hello, I am a concerned parent. I have written to BOS Candland, Vega and Lawson on many issues. However nothing is being done to stop CRT in our schools, taxes were raised. I tried to find out if a forensic audit could be done on our paper ballots from the 2020 election etc. What can be done?

Of course, Candland, Vega and Lawson are the three Republicans on Board Of County Supervisors (, and CRT is Critical Race Theory (What is the critical race theory, and how should a Christian view it? | Since Critical Race Theory is abhorrent nonsense, I share this parent’s alarm, but I don’t have an easy answer. Good government is difficult work, and it takes…

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