The ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is A Huge Lie Designed To Smuggle In The Green New Deal

PA Pundits - International

By Adam Houser ~

We’ve heard both major political parties talk about the need for an infrastructure bill for several years now. With President Biden, we’re finally getting it. Or are we?

According to The Wall Street Journal, $621 billion of the president’s newly proposed $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” plan is going toward surface transportation infrastructure to fix up all those “crumbling roads and bridges” we hear so often about. The rest, however, is going to spending on a host of the Biden administration’s favorite pet projects.

Call it the first major salvo of the Green New Deal offensive. Specifically, the Biden proposal features funding for leftist environmental programs. These include, among other things, boosting “clean” energy construction, “technology” to address “the climate crisis,” a “clean energy and sustainability accelerator,” retrofitting more than two million homes, and the chillingly named “new office to monitor domestic industrial capacity.”

Indeed, even the…

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