Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

A mother wishes joy towards her child in William Blake‘s poem “Infant Joy“. This copy, Copy AA, was printed and painted in 1826, is currently held by the Fitzwilliam Museum.

When an apartment superintendent found the bodies of new-born twin infants in a building courtyard last November, the public was appalled! (Community horrified by murder of newborn twins in a state where abortion is legal up to birth ( The boys had been violently murdered and citizens were horrified that such an awful crime could have been committed. So far, the mother of the children has not been identified.

The crime happened in the Bronx, New York. Ahem. Isn’t that the same state that legalized abortion right up to birth? Had the boys been murdered by an abortionist who sucked the brains out of their skulls and then extracted their bodies piece by piece…

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