Schools Go Full Stalin On Students – U.S. ACADEMIA GOES DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE! TOILET. By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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IT is hardly accidental, nor is it incidental, that the following jaw-dropping article re the poisonous fruits of ‘wokeism’ was featured yesterday, yes, the much ballyhooed Brearley School in NYC!

WHEN it comes to the protection of the kiddies, well, nothing should be off limits. Nothing. Not only that, when they are abused, yes, abused, by social engineers masquerading as pedagogues, all tools must be on the table to break their stranglehold.

IN this regard, as a parent who has been there and done that — having shepherded two loved ones through the private school system — there was never a time when these watchful eyes weren’t glued in one direction or another, despite the school’s rock-solid reputation and values. 

EVEN more so, as an author and an investigative journalist, it is not too often that another’s writing moves to the degree that shouting…

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