CEO Fired After Confronting Teenage Boy Who Wore Red Dress to Prom — But He Says That’s Not the Whole Story – RADICAL LEFT’S PURPOSEFUL DECONSTRUCTION OF BIOLOGY! [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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THE wrecking balls overtaking and consuming the nation are multi-faceted and too numerous and unwieldy to count. Headache-inducing. Even so, a central component involves the actual transformation, yes, transformation, of biological fact: two genders, that is, male and female. After all, what the hell does biology have to do with gender-assignment, when living in a dystopian universe?? Imagine that.

BUT never mind. The radical, revolutionary left is hell bent on destroying the traditional family, therefore, biology becomes moot. DOA.

IN this respect, it is a dirty secret that their full-on thrust towards transgender-ism-at-all-costs has little respect for the countless, highly confused, mentally unstable, clueless victims; those whose very lives have been torn to shreds. Literally. 

‘I wish I could go back’: Girl voices heart-wrenching trans testimony



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