John Kerry Is A Friggin Idiot.

The Mad Jewess

John Kerry Is A Friggin Idiot.

Here is the big-nosed, lurch-looking Nazi speaking about how Israel needs to seek a 2 state solution with the Muslim Arab Nazis 4 years ago...

Israel is none of our friggin business. “OH BUT MAD JEWESS!!! THEY GET 2.7 BILLION USD A YEAR!!”… 120 other countries get millions and billions also. And, by the way.. The Israelis get this 2.7 billion a year because of the Camp David accords which were drafted by DEMOCRAT JIMMY CARTER.Another stinkin DEMOCRAT.


But, 70% of American Jews love voting in these evil, poop-chute worshiping slime balls.

And, there is no damned “Palestine” except in Texas. Im sick of hearing it. Every time the Communist Democrat bastards are in charge, the middle east goes insane. Looks like John Kerry is ratting Israel out to his f’ck buddy Iranians: John Kerry’s…

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