Citizen Tom

Nikolai Yezhov, standing to the left of Joseph Stalin, was shot in 1940. He was edited out of the photo by Soviet censors after his execution as a form of damnatio memoriae.[9] This policy was commonly applied to high-ranking executed political enemies during Stalin’s reign. (from Censorship – Wikipedia)

Why picture above? When politicians tell lies, to make their lives stick, they have to keep the truth from us. That is why we see increasing censorship. That’s why most of the news media has been bought up by crony capitalists. That is why Big Tech censors the opinions opposed by Democrats and their crony capitalist allies.

What lies do Democrats have to protect from the truth?

  1. Democrats represent the interests of the working class. What is the point of a political party? Who does a political party represent? In our two-party political system, each party represents coalition of…

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