Is A Red Wave Coming?

The Lone Cactus

Ever since the Republicans had a great showing in November despite Donald Trump losing out to Joe Biden, and the Democrats were still unable to fully control the Senate, except with a K-baby Harris tie-breaker, the pundits all over have said that Republicans will most likely take over the House in 2022, and could do a decent job with the Senate, re-taking that if they played their cards right.

Well, is there a red wave coming next year?

I would say all signs point to yes. Here’s why.

When you look at re-districting because of the 2020 Census, it’s going to show that a lot of the rust belt states, New York, and California are going to lose a seat. Those seats are most likely going to be Democrat seats, except in Cali and New York. But Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania are all going to lose a Democrat seat because the…

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The Kerry Conundrum

The Lone Cactus

Personally, I’ve never liked John Kerry. I have thought that he was pompous, over-blown, elitist, and just an ass. I didn’t like his whole story about serving in Vietnam. I didn’t like his story about commanding swift boats, and didn’t believe it. I thought his throwing his service medals over the White House fence was a joke and not at all meaningful. His run for the presidency was idiocy as was his time in the Senate. Look, the guy married into money when he married Theresa Heinz-Kerry. It’s allowed him to skate his entire life.

There are two sides to the current controversy involving Kerry, who is serving as the “climate czar” for Joe Biden. If you haven’t heard, the New York Times has reported that Kerry shared top secret Israeli military information with Iranian diplomat, Mohammad Javad Zarif regarding Israel’s covert operations in Syria. Kerry denies he ever did…

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Here’s Why We Don’t Always Believe In “Science”

The Lone Cactus

Liberals love to point to “the science” when defending their position. I guess it started with the whole global warming-climate change hoax. They had basically had several governments withhold grants and funding to scientists around the world unless and until they bought into the whole climate change hoax being foisted on the public. Then the liberal eco-terrorists could say, “See? We are following the science!” whenever there was an argument.

We saw it again in the whole COVID situation, except that the science kept changing. People like Fauci lost a lot of credibility because he at first said you didn’t need to wear a mask. Then he said you did need to wear a mask. Then pictures of him went viral at a baseball game not wearing a mask. You saw the same type of thing from California Governor, Gavin Newsome going out to eat at a tony French restaurant…

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Dems’ Fleeing House Of Representatives

The Lone Cactus

Not too long ago, I blogged about how the “red wave” could be crashing down on the halls of Congress. Usually, the party that holds the White House gives back seats in the House of Representatives at the very least, and usually in the Senate in the midterm elections. It’s only bucked the trend twice since 1910. Once was in 1934 with FDR as President, and the other time was in 2002 with George HW Bush, after the First Gulf War when he had an approval rating of like 94%.

So, it’s not surprising that with Joe Biden trailing both George W. Bush and Bobo Obama in approval ratings after 100 days, that he’d likely be a candidate to follow in the long-standing tradition. But he’s being helped by the number of Democrats in the House that have already signaled that they’ll be retiring from that post with next year’s…

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Biden Closing The Door On U.S. Mining

PA Pundits - International

By Duggan Flanakin ~

Early on, President Joe Biden promised multitudes of “good-paying, union jobs to fuel his massive push for wind and solar powered electric vehicles, EV charging stations, and the tiny portion of his “infrastructure” package that actually involves road and bridge construction.

But it now appears many, if not most, of those “good-paying, union jobs” will be sacrificed on the altar of “climate catastrophe” and Native American rights. Already Biden’s EPA has “reopened” permits issued for two major copper mines, barred mining operations on federal lands, and given radical preservationists oversight of mining operations.

Last fall, as a candidate for the White House, Joe Biden had reportedly sent signals to U.S. mine workers that his administration “would support boosting domestic production of metals used to make electric vehicles, solar panels, and other product crucial to his climate plan.”

According to Reuters’ Ernest Scheyder, Biden at…

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So are the rest of American Patriots! The following words are from great patriots working NIGHT AND DAY to wake up “WE THE PEOPLE”!

A revolt is underway against the Obama-Mussolini-Biden hologram governing the country. Millions are mobilized to ensure election integrity, to take over the Republican Party, and to stop what is happening to an entire generation which is being brainwashed to believe that gender fluidity defines reality, that critical race theory correctly states our history, and that cops are the enemy. The ruling elite hope to neutralize us with false narratives and deception, pinning us down, forcing us to merely respond to the situtations they create.”

Giant Biden hologram begins in-person campaigning

As I read this and more, I found the defining expression of “Obama-Mussolini-Biden hologram governing the country“, one that my last blog expressed. To me, nothing happens by coincidence, God always has a way of showing which door…

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To think of the fact checkers dismay when they spent all this time yelling WATER MARKS ARE A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and now in the ARIZONA AUDIT THEY ARE CHECKING FOR WATER MARKS AND OILS FROM FINGERS AND OTHER INTERESTING THINGS UNDER SPECIAL LIGHTS!!! But, the fact checkers are still denying it.

Oh what a time they have had yelling that all who report the truth are liars that need censored, booted off social media and whatever else they want to do to all of them! Well, the ones who have been reporting the truth based off common sense using a bit of Sherlock Holmes, old fashioned series of deductions and looking for the clues….have had these cattle herders scratching their heads. All they can do is yell liar to the ones who found them out, while simultaneously kicking them off all social media. We have been like ants being…

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Denmark Is Cancelling Johnson & Johnson Blood Clot #Covid19 “Vaccine”?!

The Mad Jewess

Denmark Is Cancelling Johnson & Johnson Blood Clot “Vaccine”

Good, at least some country – somewhere is waking up to the Vaccine catastrophe. I know so many people who RUSHED out to get this shot. They didnt even care that there was NO research or experimentation. It’s like they completely lost their sanity.

Johnson & Johnson’s shot was temporarily suspended in the US and EU last month amid reports that a number of people developed rare blood clots after taking the jab. Deliveries on both sides of the Atlantic have since resumed, except for in the UK, which never approved the vaccine in the first place.

Denmark to cancel Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine rollout, except on voluntary basis – reports

I figured a black market like this would happen: Spanish police bust pharmacy worker accused of selling fake Covid-19 test results

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Fire Dance..

The Mad Jewess

Fire Dance, TMJ 5/2021

I hope ya’all had a nice weekend. I did. Nice and quiet. I really hate what has happened with the Covid Communism but I confess to liking the peace and quiet and being a homebody. My singing gigs are picking up again – but slowly. I told Dave that I would go back to the workforce – but he recently had another scare with his heart and does not want me working at all. So, things are tight. Which is fine. I have more than enough crap!

Anyway….soon, we will all be dancing in the fire as things become more Commie 😦 Since men are not getting rid of this illegal government, you will have to ask God for wisdom to get you thru the days of destruction in the soon coming future.

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Giuliani Disputes Accusation That Led to Raid: ‘I Never, Ever Represented a Foreign National’

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

May 3rd, 2021

Once again the FBI steps in it and it was the coverup that followed that true American’s should be concerned about in a big way.

Would we expect the democrats to do anything but lie?

Of course not, that is how they stole the election from the real President of the United States.

Hell will rain down fire upon them, thus they will become the crispy critter party with the exception of those who drowned while leaving their sinking ship.

Former New York City Mayor and then-President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani drives by a march and rally for President Donald Trump in New York City, N.Y., on Oct. 25, 2020. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

Former New York City Mayor and then-President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani drives by a march and rally for President Donald Trump in New York City, N.Y., on Oct. 25, 2020. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images) Politics

FBI Spied on Giuliani, Trump ICloud Communications During Impeachment Push: Giuliani

The search warrant issued on Rudy’s apartment was not specific , thus invalid.

Epoch Times

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